Coming Soon! ~Oeuvre Oracular ~

Hear, Ye! Hear, Ye! This Gazer’s been a busy bee!
I am sooooo happy to announce the opening of the new Heathen StarGazers unique line of divination
🌟~Oeuvre Oracular ~🌟
(It gets easier the more times you say it so, say it a lot!)
The Oeuvre Oracular currently consists of three card decks-
• The Heathen StarGazers Portal Oracle with Guide Book
• Fancy Mancy
• Tarotgazing Deck
…. and more to come!
The HS Portal Oracle is available for purchase at the links below
Fancy Mancy is a dominoes sized Oracle designed to add useful adornment to any reading. A lovely
accompaniment for meditation at home or divination on the go, this oracle fits nicely in unreasonably
small pockets.
Tarotgazing Deck is a standard 78 card tarot deck as told by the vision of a gazer. Using ancient symbols
and modern forms, Tarotgazing invites the reader into the sureality of their worlds. Built to draw you in,
these images are seeking your eyes. Will you let them have their look?
Fancy Mancy and Tarotgazing Deck will be available for purchase March 15, 2021 via the etsy link below.
Be sure to get yours!!!!! Make sure you’re with us somewhere on social media for more updates and sneak previews.
Thank you for making the light so bright!!! You are gorgeous in it!

Published by heathenstargazers

Heathen Star gazing is a mindset. How often does something look different than it really is? No need to worry. We'll just take another look. Through Art, Science, and History, we discover ourselves in the Universe and the Universe in ourselves. Let's not let what we've been taught get in the way of our learning. Go on and Shine!

One thought on “Coming Soon! ~Oeuvre Oracular ~

  1. ❤❤Backer Review via Kickstarter- ❤❤

    about 4 hours ago

    Heather, I have to complement you! Your deck is beautiful and insightful with different aspects that pop up depending on the query. ♥️🥰♥️

    But perhaps even more importantly, you’ve run this campaign BEAUTIFULLY! You’ve put in huge effort and energy into bringing us the deck and stories before we actually got it! THANK YOU! 😊 So this deck was already a “friend” before we “met!” I’ve done a few Kickstarters before and I’m going to say that many could learn from you on communication and diligence! 🥰

    One can be amazing in their respective field, but if you can’t communicate…..BRIDGE….between others, so much potential is left behind!

    For the record, I too have had the BRIDGE 🌉 card popping out above others. This deck can work so nicely as a bridge for people that seek answers in themselves or the world around them. This is a deck that I’ll be comfortable pulling out from the new or timid to my card seasoned friends. 🥰 This deck can be as complex or simple as someone is willing to see. That’s a wonderful thing!!! 🌸🌼🌺🌼🌸


    Well done, Heather!!! Well done!!!



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