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What’s All This About?

Heathen Stargazers is exploring the same old world in a whole new way. The answers lead to more questions and that’s the beauty of the thing. The ever-present wisdom in the sacred and forever unknowing. It’s better to ask with a cup of coffee or tea. Humans digest snacks easier than big meals. What are you having?

Here we don’t worry about the arguments of service trays. We are much more inclined to buffet. So much to take in and sample, in this vast abundance of light. I wonder where we’ll take us next after we say our good bye’s to old napkins and place settings, as we walk toward the doors of a new array. This new place has desserts like my grandma made and they tell stories of the old world as they wait for you.

The Earth is not spinning its tapestry for a time. The Earth is the bobbin that keeps our thread in tune. We are her chorus. We are just taking our turn in a long line of shiners who have been fed on her good graces.

This is us trying to understand ourselves, the universe, and each other. Wonder what you’ll discover when you shine!

The difference between us and them is- there is no “us and them”. We admit it. We aren’t here to tell you everyone else is wrong and they’re stupid for not knowing. We won’t tell you that our way is the only way. Because none of that would be true. It would be propaganda. Manipulation. Appealing to your lower selves- fear, survival, ego. That just gets us back to where we’ve always been.

True, yes, the contents of the universe swirl by nature so therefore, we swirl too. We pass by the same other stuff again and again as it too swirls. But where are we in that vortex? How turbulent is our ride? There is no universal requirement for bumpy roads. They’re just another texture.

We are here, in this space, to neither confirm nor deny every theory. We are not here to tell you how wrong other stuff is.  We are not here to compete. We could show you the news on the daily and report how our work proves points of contingency and growl at the skeptical passers-by. It does seem an effective template for a certain kind of success. But that’s not the kind of success we’re after.

I don’t want to be angry by way of force and push back. I want to be joyfully pleased at ideas shared. The naivety of this notion was a shovel handed to me by those who are driven by competition, and it was a means to a trench I wasn’t meant to escape. By the time I got back up to the fields, I could see they were not level. The plane was hilled and valleyed. The scope of the horizon was vast in every direction. And throughout it there were many trenches. People had fallen into almost all of them. Some of them have been stuck in theirs for a long while.

Of course, I was angry; frustrated that so much potential progress was being buried so that the tricky few could navigate the topography to reach their singular species of glory. I tried handing the people in the trenches more tools to extricate themselves. Some used them to dig themselves in further. Others climbed out and proceeded to fill in trenches, burying others. And I thought to myself that this is a weird kind of hell.

So, we won’t be doing that here. Here, we will just leave the field as it is and let it describe to us its vision. We will listen to it and each other. If we have different ideas about things, we will share them to see where they sit naturally within the natural spin. We will refer to other’s work to expand on it by way of observation and experiment. We extract new facets from the gears already at play to set in motion cogs that reduce friction. We bring up the participants through encouragement and support. Appreciation of the authenticity of humble trying.  We link the chains of understanding as we break the chains that bind.

Things to Consider…

Dance with the wolves and count the stars, including the ones whose light hasn’t gotten here yet.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The question is not what you look at, but what you see.

Henry Thoreau

When you change the way you look at things, things change.

Max Plank

The Universe Likes to Dance Too

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