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Welcome to the Star Shop! Thank you for stopping in!

We have a variety of Books, Cards, Art, and Readings.

To make a purchase, simply choose your payment method at the bottom of this page, PayPal or Venmo, click the link, and let me know what I can do for you in the comments box.

***If ordering an item for shipment, please include your shipping address and email. Shipping to US only. (Sorry about that.)

**** When ordering a reading, please specify whether you would like a video or a live appointment.

**For appointments, I will contact you ASAP so we can arrange a session at your convenience.

Star Shop


An Exploration of Ancient Irish Technology. Did the ancients have trigonometry? Calculus? Electricity? Were they able to communicate over vast distances using only the natural world around them? Could they predict earth changes? Earthquakes? Weather? What did they know then that we still don’t know now? Why go to all the trouble of building these huge, megalithic structures? What’s hiding in their alphabets? In this exciting book, a Stargazer explores these questions and many more. Using modern mathematical and scientific knowledge, we can begin to see the precious treasures left by the ancients in a whole new way. What have we been missing? Is it really what we think it is? Let’s explore and find out.

$39.95 plus shipping

$49.95 (Author Signed) plus shipping

Or, purchase here…

Caricatures and Other Honest Exaggerations

Weird Poetry About People, Places, and Things

Available Via Amazon Only


****Artist For Hire****

Ask me. I make and print all kinds of stuff.

Simple or Fancy, Maybe I Can Make You Something.

Divination Decks

Heathen Stargazer’s Portal Oracle Deck and Guidebook- $39.95 plus shipping (US only)

HSPO is a 72-card oracle deck and full color guidebook designed to open the doors within. When purchasing, please include your shipping address. Shipping cost vary between $4-$8 depending on destination.

Guidebook a la carte via Amazon- Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle Guide Book: Step Through to You!: Stargazer, Heather: 9798681720614: Books

Tarotgazing Deck- $34.95 plus shipping (US only)

Tarotgazing Deck is a 78 Card Tarot Deck

That Gazes Back at The Reader.

See Details Below.

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings can be done live on Skype or a video can be made and sent via a private link, whichever is more convenient for you.

Video readings are generally done and sent within 3-7 days.

Live readings are done via appointment.

***When making your purchase, be sure to specify if you’d like an appointment and, if so, I will contact you via the email address you provide to arrange your appointment.

*30 Minutes $50

*60 Minutes $100

All This and More!

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