Tarotgazing Deck- Now available on Etsy


Tarotgazing Deck is a standard 78 card tarot deck as told by the vision of a gazer.
Using ancient symbols and modern forms,
Tarotgazing invites the reader into the sureality of their worlds.
Built to draw you in, these images are seeking your eyes.
Will you let them have their look?
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2.75″X4.75″ (70×120mm) (78 Cards)
Card Stock: Standard Smooth
Card Finishing: Gloss
FinishPackaging: Custom Tuck Box ( Smooth UV Coated (Gloss))


Caricatures and Other Honest Exaggerations

Poetic Interpretations of Experience

By Heather Stargazer

Available in Paperback for $8.99 and Kindle E-Book for $2.99

Back Cover of Paperback-

“When I look at someone’s face, there’s something in my brain
that just clicks- that breaks down their face into elements that go
into a caricature. It might be like the way a chef tastes a dish and
can break it down into elements what went into it.”
-Steve Breen
“The problem became this: We became a caricature of ourselves.
We were after the light, and it began to look as if we were after
the heat, not to reveal some information or not to find out the

  • Mike Wallace
    “There is such cliché to certain roles that all I can do is try to make
    them realistic and work for the times, and so the audience won’t
    see me as a caricature of something, but rather as an actual
  • Kelly O’Hara
    “In other words, the people who populate my books are
    more than just caricatures.”
    -Jeffery Deaver

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Welcome To Heathen Stargazers

A place for inspiration to learn and stars to shine.

Brought to you by our host, Heather Stargazer. Heather is an artist and writer who is drawing lines between the art of science and new views on history. What has already been discovered? What will we discover next?

Heathen Stargazers is a socially interactive group directed at educating through inspiration. Incorporating information from many dependable sources and varying perspectives of people within their respective fields with the general public and citizen explorers enables the former to clarify their own findings and bring forth new data and discoveries, and the latter to ask questions and also voice their own perspectives so that the two may create a more harmonious level of learning and interactions in society as a whole. Through social media, publication on YouTube, A website, and face-to-face meetings, we achieve broader networks, spread more information, discover amazing things, and inspire a whole new world of ideas.

Fancy Mancy- A Vision Array Preview

There’s always something going on around here!

Take a sneak peak at HeathenStargazers latest addition to the Oeuvre Oracular!!!!

~The Fancy Mancy-A Vision Array~ is coming to our Etsy shop next month!

Fancy Mancy is a new, 72 card Oracle designed to bring out the beauty of life. This poetry-as-you-go Oracle is perfect embellishments to any divination ensemble. Gorgeous images, gilded in ornate gold frames, accompanied by bits of short verse are sure to enrich your readings while attending in the best of dress.

Don’t be late! The Fancy Mancy is a Vision Array you won’t want to miss!

Available in August 2021 at, https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeathenStar…

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Music by Ani DiFranco Righteous Babe Records 1995 (I do not own the rights to this music.)

A Few Words on My New Book, “Light Grange- Secrets of Ancient Irish Sciences “

An Exploration of Ancient Irish Technology.

Click here to watch video. https://youtu.be/SQ0o-jemo-s

Did the ancients have trigonometry? Calculus? Electricity?

Were they able to communicate over vast distances using only the natural world around them?

Could they predict earth changes? Earthquakes? Weather?

What did they know then that we still don’t know now?

Why go to all the trouble of building these huge, megalithic structures? What’s hiding in their alphabets?

In this exciting book, a Stargazer explores these questions and many more. Using modern mathematical and scientific knowledge, we can begin to see the precious treasures left by the ancients in a whole new way.

What have we been missing? Is it really what we think it is?

Let’s explore and find out.https://www.amazon.com/dp/B092PB9B7C


Protected: Light Grange- Secrets of Ancient Irish Sciences- Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon! ~Oeuvre Oracular ~

Hear, Ye! Hear, Ye! This Gazer’s been a busy bee!
I am sooooo happy to announce the opening of the new Heathen StarGazers unique line of divination
🌟~Oeuvre Oracular ~🌟
(It gets easier the more times you say it so, say it a lot!)
The Oeuvre Oracular currently consists of three card decks-
• The Heathen StarGazers Portal Oracle with Guide Book
• Fancy Mancy
• Tarotgazing Deck
…. and more to come!
The HS Portal Oracle is available for purchase at the links below
Fancy Mancy is a dominoes sized Oracle designed to add useful adornment to any reading. A lovely
accompaniment for meditation at home or divination on the go, this oracle fits nicely in unreasonably
small pockets.
Tarotgazing Deck is a standard 78 card tarot deck as told by the vision of a gazer. Using ancient symbols
and modern forms, Tarotgazing invites the reader into the sureality of their worlds. Built to draw you in,
these images are seeking your eyes. Will you let them have their look?
Fancy Mancy and Tarotgazing Deck will be available for purchase March 15, 2021 via the etsy link below.
Be sure to get yours!!!!! Make sure you’re with us somewhere on social media for more updates and sneak previews.
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Abundantly Blissful Children (and Adults ;) ) .. in two, the mystics

Jana and Heather discuss an educational mindfulness technique Jana developed as described below. While these methods were developed with children in mind, it is imperative and crucial that we, the adults, understand and incorporate these methods within ourselves as well. One key component to these methods is a well-grounded, calm adult.

“Children do learn what they live. Then they grow up to live what they have learned.” – Dorothy Nolte

“This mindfulness program is dedicated to teaching children to use self-regulation techniques to navigate through the many different emotions and feelings one can experience.

“Our goal is to empower children by using mindfulness strategies to help them stay calm during times of stress or when they feel a loss of control. In using these strategies, children will begin to create a tool kit response system that is individualized for their specific needs. Children will gain an understanding of how to be calm, focused, and how to restart their thinking into a positive frame of mind.

“The techniques presented in the ABC toolkit will build social and emotional intelligence through a series of explicit lessons on how to use feelings as an informational navigation tool. Children will learn how their body naturally responds to stress and how calm down strategies can help them regain control. Through empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and awareness of their own unique skills, children will be encouraged to make decisions that contribute to a positive environment. Together we can help children be thoughtful, mindful, and in control of their reactions.”

Learn more about ABC here, https://abundantlyblissfulchildren.com/

Thank you for all of your incredible work, Jana. Thanks everybody, for joining us today. If you found this helpful, please share it with a friend.

Light The Fews- Looking at The Ancient Irish Alphabet, The Ogham Fews, From an Electric Perspective

A lot can be read from ancient alphabets about how our predecessors lived, what they valued, and how they understood the world in which they lived. There’s one alphabet in particular that may have much more to teach us than we could ever have dreamed. The alphabet of the Ancient Irish- The Ogham Fews. Thanks for coming along with the Heathen Stargazers as we write a new story about some very old letters. Lightning, plasma, lasers, and light! You won’t want to miss a second of the adventure! Set your lanterns down and power up the lamps in your minds because the initial spark of all the most important journeys ignites in the imagination. Stand back while we Light the Fews!

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