Creativity Is Our Purpose.. In two the mystics… (Ep.2)

Happy Solstice! Jana and Heather discuss the importance of our relationship with creative release and realization of personal purpose. We build healthier, intentional communities when we tune into our creative purpose. And, when we sing! Please join us! Thank you for liking, sharing, subscribing, and being your beautifully creative self! Keep shining, Bright Stars! You light the world! Peia, Blessed Are We…

…in two, the mystics… Episode 1- How The Breaking Is Healing Us

This has been a rough year on us all. Jana and Heather discuss the unexpected healing qualities of this difficult time.

Wishing you all peace, healing, and wellness.

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MMXX Anno Prospectus- A year of art by: Heather Stargazer

What a crazy year this has been. 2020 has changed the world. Great fodder for artists. I have chewed on much. Much light to shine.

This is a portfolio of visual art pieces that I have done this year. Less the images of the Portal Oracle deck, which will be available soon. It’s nice to see them all in one place.

Thank you all for joining in the journey. Invite your friends!

Let’s see where the road leads next.

Caricatures and Other Honest Exaggerations

What some other Stargazers are up too…


Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle Re-Launch

This is our second go at this and man, have we learned a lot!

 The support and encouragement of the last campaign was amazing. Since the first launch, many people have been reaching out and asking for this deck! Curiosity has been piqued! So has my determination to provide you and future readers the best quality product available. 

We have made some updates and modifications to the deck and book that include- 

* New Cover Art

* Brighter, More Enhanced Images

* A Little Bit More Insight In The Text


Class includes simple instruction and Q&A at contributor’s discretion. No obligation.

Thank you, everyone who kicked in last time. Your suggestions and encouragement were invaluable in this process.

This time I ask a little something extra. I ask that you share this with as many people as you can. Get this out there so that it can start making a difference. The more people who help, the more people we help. Sharing really is caring!

Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle (Re-Launch), via @Kickstarter

The Tunnel

It was dark in the tunnel. They probably should have gone left but the corridor to the right felt like east and that was the direction of the river. There was no real way to tell.

None of them had ever been down that far without an escort. Let alone without the lights. Certainly, never in those shoes. The echoes from the lady’s heels hammered the walls that echoed them back but unlike bats, she couldn’t read them.

They continued on in the darkness. Each had been instructed to smash their phones and leave behind any electronic devices. Anything with a frequency could be traced. The ashy puddles spit mud on the patent leather soles of the hunters now hunted. The beasts who usually circle the openings of caverns were now the ones crouching, sweating, afraid monsters in the dark.

Following the sounds of themselves they reached a protrusion. Was this the end? No. It was the bulge in floor the cement makes when it has to accommodate large plumbing. They must be close. A faint dripping. A small wind. No light just yet.

He had promised them they could go all the way through South America. He had assured everyone that this passage was the way to the south pole. He kept saying that this was the way. East. To the river. His confidence was blinding but it didn’t matter here. No one could see anything anyway. He was glad of it. He was relieved they couldn’t see the sweat on his brow, his hand trembling, the slight of doubt sitting in the room of his eyes that revealed his worry that maybe they should have taken a left. He had to keep pressing on. He had to think of the future. He had never considered dying until now. But there was hope in that small wind.

They walked single file following the trial of the walls.  Walls had gotten them into this. Maybe walls could get them out. Would that be justice?  For predators, success looks like caught prey. For trappers, success looks like a caged animal. Kings build fortresses and their enemies starve them out. Anything can become a rat when cornered. The fallen planks weren’t saving them now. These walls encircled their forms, screaming their sins back at them in the voices of panicked heel steps of shoes not suited for their environment.

A flash from the long end caught their heads in its light. They were frozen but the echoes ran away. In the faint shadow cast, she saw the outline of a handle. The light was growing. The light was speaking. Louder and louder, it was saying, “Stop! Don’t move!”

It was the humans they couldn’t see as people.  Those who they had wished to cage were tracking them. It was all those mocking bird calls that made them speak. It was all the times the dogs were called to the fences. It was a simple forgetting that cats are multi-lingual and won’t be caged or hunted. Cats are good at catching rodents. Justice is blind and not withheld in the darkness. The scales didn’t want to wait. It was time to unearth this.

The light was a mirror. The sound was a bang that went off right when she pulled the handle. The rush was water that was drowning in a sigh. He dodged the fires by pushing the others in front of him. Too quickly to notice what it was doing to his hair. Too driven to see the son between him and the flames. Too eager to survive. He pushed past them and through her and into the wash that was backed by the small wind. She swung around the door behind him. These shoes don’t run. This is no place for dancing. All the walls had turned to water.  All they could do here is fall.

Catching My Eye-HS 2020

Watch “Sink or Brim- The Coriolis Effect Affects Spheres in Fields (Spirals Coming At Us to Tool Lateralus)” on YouTube

Art by Heathen Stargazer

Fixticious- Missing the Myths: Restories (Excerpt)- Mars Guardian Speaks

Mars was close by and I could see he had a question for me. I needed to talk to him too. He was supposed to be in charge of me and this house we live in. He is who I’m told rules me. I shouted into the wax of the candle. Carved my love for him in it; filled it with treats. Sealed it in wax and offered it to him as he sat high in the sky. I could not reach him, as close as he was, so I threw the offering in his reflection. The river to carry it the rest of the way. I began to feel him soldiering me. The knight of his rising, I was fueled with the fire of confidence. Even though the red looks warm, our coldness is sometimes bitter. A warrior must be cool and sharp to defend the gate. We are the guardians of the inner world. We must be tough to protect the realm.

There are three realms that lead the kingdom and they fight from time to time. The realm of the Sun leads the charge in the now. Its innermost confidants protected by a rocky ring. The Jovian system is currently second in command followed then by the Saturnians who used to be in charge. There are the outlying realms who are the true drivers of the whole. They steer and manage and direct. The whole thing is connected and protected by the dwarf gods. They won’t let anything out.

My gods are close to me. They are all ruled by the protection guardian of the Sun. They speak to me in clear tone so that I might be able to defend them. How does the Sun work? Why as it here? What does this all mean? Where does this energy come from? And what are we to do with it?

The secrets locked in caves are keyed into the markings of our fabric. We can only access them once we access ourselves. The great cleansing and purging of all that is false is written in sand. It moves with us. It is erased in the wind. Only stone can transmit it and only light can read it. There must be shadow for it to be seen. Thoth came to me. He said, “Trust me.” “He said, “I will show you so that you can understand why the secrets are hidden,” and oh, how I lament and praise that day.

Nothing has been the same since. The dead came to me. They pointed me through song. They sang in the deep recesses of the basest shadows. They hit every discordant note. I could not sing in harmony. I could not play the lyres game. I called to the high council. I asked for help. I asked how I could be of service. I asked what could be done. And they sent Kali. Kali Ma. The destroyer. The breaker of things. The freer of bondages. The perfect goddess to assist the warrior in me. I was terrified.

All the walls came crumbling down. Brick by brick, the stones laid bare the truth of the foundations she would set a rocking. The council gave me visions of the Earth. They showed me how it breathes. They personified her charge. I saw then the positive and negative. I saw the nodes and where they were glowing. I saw the patterns sequence the events of the unfolding. I saw the earth change. I saw her shake off the litter like a wet dog. I saw the leashes rattle.

It became clear that the stones were set in place to gauge it. They are how it speaks. It is how we listen. The codes are written in the context of communication. Not control. Woe to you if you should try. She speaks in bits of copper wires she has offered up to the surface. The crystals regulate the charge. The whole universe is mica. The whole matrix is quartz. The gold is the string that reverberates the entirety of the sound. The eight. The ate. The earth creates. We are the pot of gold. The pot at the end of the rainbow of all emf is us. Earth is so special. Earth is important. Because of this special function, Earth may be responsible for the placement of the system leading the Kingdom.

The stories tell of Gaia being with Uranus who were both born out of chaos. Gaia became impregnated but could not escape from Uranus and could not give birth because his “clutches were too powerful”. So, she made a sickle and gave it to her son in utero, Cronos, so that he could cut off Uranus’ penis and thus freeing Gaia to give birth to Cronos and the other children trapped in her womb.  

Then Stories say that Earth may have been with Saturn and that Saturn was in charge. But Saturn was just as bad. And he catches wind of an over throw by one of his sons. So, he starts to eat them. Gaia tells Saturn/Cronos’s wife, Rhea, who sends Zeus/Jupiter off to hide and tricks Saturn/Cronos by giving him a rock instead. Zeus/Jupiter grows up. He comes back and gives Saturn/Cronos a potion that makes him vomit up all of the children he ate and Zeus/Jupiter becomes supreme ruler. He takes his newly freed sister, Hera for a wife. And then he’s awful to her. He’s basically awful to everyone and has a ton of illegitimate kids but even still, Jupiter was the king of the gods. Jupiter has two sons of extra great importance. His son with his wife, Hera, Ares/Mars, and his son Apollo who, along with his twin sister Artemis, were mothered by the Titaness, Leto. Gaia tried to warn Zeus of a similar fate that had befallen his father by warning him of the birth of his overthrow by a supreme being. He tried to stop it by eating Metis, the mother of his unborn child and later that child, Athena, sprang out of his head anyway.  Apollo, wanted to be the lead man. He could see where overthrowing fathers can get you. So instead, He went to where the true power lies, in Gaia. He slayed Gaia’s offspring, the giant earth serpent, the Pythia. Now, we and the Earth are with the Sun, Apollo, perhaps.  And who has Gaia skillfully employed to help guard and keep the new realm? Mars and his love Aphrodite/Venus. Gaia is right in between them. And Mercury is up there whispering in Apollo’s ears all the secrets of the universe. What a team. And Gaia is always there. Always. So… I ask again… Who’s in charge?

Maybe it is the Earth that decides who leads this kingdom through the galaxy. Maybe we have this all backwards. That’s what Mars told me. Nothing has ever felt truer. And so, it is.

Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle Kickstarter

Step Through to You.

Over the past few years there has been a steady rise in a different version of the self-help industry- Tarot and Oracle card consulting. We are in a time of great changes. We are beginning to see ourselves from a new perspective. Many who are tired of living with the pains of the past, insecurity about the future, self-doubt, and toxicity in relationships, are looking to heal themselves using these ancient methods of divination.

Quite successfully, I might add.

My name is, Heather Stargazer. I am an artist, writer, and researcher. Using various mediums including digital media, videos, and articles written on my blog, my aim is to help bring a greater understanding to the experience of the human history we all share. There’s a lot to explore and new discoveries are being made everyday. It is important that we explore and discover ourselves in the process. 

Here, I present to you, seventy-three images. The images have numerological associations, symbolic references, color theory, touches of Jungian psychology, and the spirit of Joseph Campbell. They are a collection of intuitively channeled pictorial allegories designed to help the reader walk through the interior boundaries of past trauma and learned defense mechanisms into a healthier, more balanced version of themselves.

I am asking for your help in the production, distribution, and marketing of this incredible new tool.  Unlike most Kickstarter projects, this one is already ready already. It just needs your help to get off the ground. The design, development, and writing are complete. The cards and guidebook are ready for print. 

With your generous contributions, it can only get better. If we are able to meet our goals, the Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle will be helping people heal themselves immediately. If the goal is exceeded, we can increase the numbers produced and begin offering various sizes and increased quality of the product.

You can check out my work and other products I offer on my Etsy page, New offerings, artwork, and books are also available for viewing on Facebook at the Heathen Stargazers Gazing Gallery.

For more information or if you are curious about my research, please visit, .

We’d love it if you’d consider joining our community on Facebook and subscribing to our YouTube Channel to keep up to date on the progress of this project and many others.

Card Number 37: Air
Card Number 34: The Sun

Risks and challenges

This is a low risk investment. The majority of the work has already been completed. If we don’t reach our goal, neither party is at a loss as this platform is all or nothing. So, in reality, the risk is only in not asking.

Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle Kickstarter

Heathen Stargazers are at it again!

This time with something completely different.

The Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle.

And now, I need your help.What is this all about? And how can you help?

In truth, you’d be helping me, others, and hopefully, yourselves as well. I am humbly asking for your support in turning this work into a material reality. Over the past few years there has been a steady rise in a different version of the self-help industry- Tarot and Oracle card consulting.

Here, I present to you, seventy-three images. The images have numerological associations, symbolic references, color theory, touches of Jungian psychology, and the spirit of Joseph Campbell. They are a collection of intuitively channeled pictorial allegories designed to help the reader walk through the interior boundaries of past trauma and learned defense mechanisms into a healthier, more balanced version of themselves.

Thank you for your contributions to healing humanity by starting with yourself!

Thank you for sharing this Kickstarter with your friends who might also be interested.

Thanks for letting the Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle guide you through your journey.It is time.

Step through to you.