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We Live Here When We visit. Would You Like Some Tea?

Heathen Stargazers

Shine On, Bright Stars!

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We are the explorers your kids remember from before there was time.

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The Local Shelter and Pet a Lonely Dog.

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Comments on 'We Live Here When We visit. Would You Like Some Tea?' (2)

  1. David Mathison AKA Joe Schmoe says:

    I just watched your “What Is” video….fabulous ! You mentioned books you’ve written, what’s the titles ? The only way to grow is to stand on the shoulders of others to reach for those stars we stare at. Your studious returns are lightyears ahead of mine, yet somehow I know threw your words. ✌🖖😏

    1. Awesome! Thank you 😊 We must seek to lift ourselves onto shoulders without stepping on toes. It’s tricky. If you go to the Star Shop, you can find links to books and cards. Light Grange is the one that I’ve been presenting ideas from for the past few years. But there’s also a Tarot deck and an Oracle deck and book in the shop as well. There’s also a free PDF of A New Dawn available for free in the blog section. There’s a lot. I like making things. 😊 Thanks again for checking it out and visiting the website. I hope that you enjoy the stuff you find here. Hope your day is wonderful ✨️ 💛 😊

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