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Tendencies of Weather

You wanna see our beautiful collection of cool stuff? We’ve been collecting it for a while and wanted to show you some things. We’ve got all kinds of stuff- Auroras doing weird tubular moves while fencing with STEVEs, the surface of the Sun showing off its flashy coat to the planets, Ice crystals and other particulates making colors and shapes in the sky and more!!! Check out what the Sprites are doing! They’re all pulling each other’s strings. I’m pretty sure it’s a social thing for them but they’re letting us watch. So nice of them!

Most of the stuff here came from other places and super amazing people out there capturing them for us all to see. Their images and their work are their own, as is ours. So, we thank them gratefully for their use in this educative endeavor. May we all learn something from one another.

You never know what you’re going to find around here or when you might need it. Sometimes we just like to stare at them and listen for their secrets. What are they trying to tell us? What did they just say to you? You know, I thought that’s what they said. We should probably write this down. Anybody got a pen?

Enjoy your scroll!

Solar, Planetary, and Earthquake Geometries for May 18-21,2022

Solar Hollows

April 24-25,2022


Weird Things the Auroras Do

Atmospheric Refractions

Our Shining Star

August 14th,  2022 Earthquake Radians

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