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Welcome To Heathen Stargazers

A place for inspiration to learn and stars to shine.

Brought to you by our host, Heather Stargazer. Heather is an artist and writer who is drawing lines between the art of science and new views on history. What has already been discovered? What will we discover next?

Heathen Stargazers is a socially interactive group directed at educating through inspiration. Incorporating information from many dependable sources and varying perspectives of people within their respective fields with the general public and citizen explorers enables the former to clarify their own findings and bring forth new data and discoveries, and the latter to ask questions and also voice their own perspectives so that the two may create a more harmonious level of learning and interactions in society as a whole. Through social media, publication on YouTube, A website, and face-to-face meetings, we achieve broader networks, spread more information, discover amazing things, and inspire a whole new world of ideas.

Posted on November 15, 2019 in Home by heathenstargazers

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