Alejandro Martinez- Geometric Transformable Models

Alejandro Martinez has spent over a decade exploring a whole new way of viewing geometric forms. Form, frequency, and function unite to transform these models into the constituents of the Universe. From the macro to the micro, all fields of study are encompassed in these forms. You’ve never seen a cube do this before!

Brew yourself a pot of coffee and join us in conversation.

This casual chat surely isn’t one to miss!

Thank you, Alejandro for your diligent work at taking a different approach to new tech that WILL positively impact the world and the future.

Because there is so much information to cover, the video has been loosely broken down into three parts-

Part 1. Introduction (00:00:00)

Part 2. Mechanics (01:44:00 ish)

Part 3. Philosophy (02:56:00 ish)

Alejandro is looking for a team of people from varying disciplines to help him further the research and development of the Geometric Transformable Models. If you would like to know how you can help explore the possibilities presented in these transformable models, you can contact him at the links below.

Para más información sobre Modelos Geométricos Transformables en Español-

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