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Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle Kickstarter

Step Through to You.

Over the past few years there has been a steady rise in a different version of the self-help industry- Tarot and Oracle card consulting. We are in a time of great changes. We are beginning to see ourselves from a new perspective. Many who are tired of living with the pains of the past, insecurity about the future, self-doubt, and toxicity in relationships, are looking to heal themselves using these ancient methods of divination.

Quite successfully, I might add.

My name is, Heather Stargazer. I am an artist, writer, and researcher. Using various mediums including digital media, videos, and articles written on my blog, my aim is to help bring a greater understanding to the experience of the human history we all share. There’s a lot to explore and new discoveries are being made everyday. It is important that we explore and discover ourselves in the process. 

Here, I present to you, seventy-three images. The images have numerological associations, symbolic references, color theory, touches of Jungian psychology, and the spirit of Joseph Campbell. They are a collection of intuitively channeled pictorial allegories designed to help the reader walk through the interior boundaries of past trauma and learned defense mechanisms into a healthier, more balanced version of themselves.

I am asking for your help in the production, distribution, and marketing of this incredible new tool.  Unlike most Kickstarter projects, this one is already ready already. It just needs your help to get off the ground. The design, development, and writing are complete. The cards and guidebook are ready for print. 

With your generous contributions, it can only get better. If we are able to meet our goals, the Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle will be helping people heal themselves immediately. If the goal is exceeded, we can increase the numbers produced and begin offering various sizes and increased quality of the product.

You can check out my work and other products I offer on my Etsy page, New offerings, artwork, and books are also available for viewing on Facebook at the Heathen Stargazers Gazing Gallery.

For more information or if you are curious about my research, please visit, .

We’d love it if you’d consider joining our community on Facebook and subscribing to our YouTube Channel to keep up to date on the progress of this project and many others.

Card Number 37: Air
Card Number 34: The Sun

Risks and challenges

This is a low risk investment. The majority of the work has already been completed. If we don’t reach our goal, neither party is at a loss as this platform is all or nothing. So, in reality, the risk is only in not asking.

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