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How to See The Light- An Artist’s Instructions

Light, shadow, color, and contrast are tools for seeing.
This is a very initial introduction to how artists are trained to see, and interpret these elements. They are tools for replicating believable illusions of reality. And to also illustrate that nothing more is needed to build a form except light and shadow.
We talk a lot about light on scientific terms. We talk about wave constitutes and fractals of refraction. We discuss the spectrum in terms of frequency ranges and isolate the colors of perceived light into ROGYBIV and go from there. I hope, by this point, we all have some basic understanding of what light is relative to these terms and appreciate that I do too.
In this video, I would like to discuss light in different terms so that we may expand our knowledge and understanding of this SUPER important subject. I want to talk about light in the terms of how we see it.
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Posted on March 10, 2020 in Videos by heathenstargazers
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