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Cosmic Conversations- Tess Clark and Heather Stargazer Discuss The Electric Universe

What do you get when you combine
Tess Clark of, Mythos Decoded
with Heather Stargazer of, Heathen Stargazers?
One hell of an amazing conversation!

“I created Mythos Decoded, in hope to inspire and awaken an interest in reading and researching the works of ancient Greek Historians, World Mythologies, Sacred Texts and Plasma Physics, in order to learn more about the fascinating, and often very frightening world, our ancestors experienced & incredibly, were able to survive the catastrophes; analyzing the information through a new lens & with a new perspective from Plasma Physics & Electric Universe, which unlike mainstream theories, it is proven in the laboratory. Looking for answers to the questions we might have regarding “Reality,” the “Meaning & Purpose of Life” & “Good & Evil” in the texts left to us by the ancients and the many epics and stories of World Creations, which perhaps were written as the true sagas of our forebears, Earth and of the Solar System. I encourage you to analyze the information and sources, ponder on it s meaning and come up with your own conclusions. In my analysis, I attempt to be objective, truthful & respectful.” -Tess Clark

Join us for the discussion we’ve been wanting to have.
Pour yourself a cup of something warm, get your notebook, and pull up your chair.
We have some very important things to share with you.

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