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Humagnets Electricum

“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.” Albert Einstein

mag·net ˈmaɡnət/ noun noun: magnet; plural noun: magnets a piece of iron (or an ore, alloy, or other material) that has its component atoms so ordered that the material exhibits properties of magnetism, such as attracting other iron-containing objects or aligning itself in an external magnetic field. synonyms: lodestone; . electromagnet “you can test if it’s steel by using a magnet” archaic term for lodestone. a person or thing that has a powerful attraction. “the beautiful stretch of white sand is a magnet for sun worshipers” synonyms: attraction, focus, draw, lure, mecca “a magnet for tourists”

e·lec·trum /əˈlektrəm/ Learn to pronounce noun noun: electrum a natural or artificial alloy of gold with at least 20 percent silver, used for jewelry, especially in ancient times. late Middle English: via Latin from Greek ēlektron ‘amber, electrum’.

electric 1. of, worked by, charged with, or producing electricity. “an electric stove” Similar: generated by electricity galvanic voltaic electric-powered powered by electricity electrically operated electrically powered mains-operated battery-operated electrically charged (of a musical instrument) amplified through a loudspeaker. “electric bass guitar” (of a color) brilliant and vivid. “images shot through with jagged streaks of electric blue” 2. having or producing a sudden sense of thrilling excitement. “the atmosphere was electric”

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