Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle Re-Launch

This is our second go at this and man, have we learned a lot!

 The support and encouragement of the last campaign was amazing. Since the first launch, many people have been reaching out and asking for this deck! Curiosity has been piqued! So has my determination to provide you and future readers the best quality product available. 

We have made some updates and modifications to the deck and book that include- 

* New Cover Art

* Brighter, More Enhanced Images

* A Little Bit More Insight In The Text


Class includes simple instruction and Q&A at contributor’s discretion. No obligation.

Thank you, everyone who kicked in last time. Your suggestions and encouragement were invaluable in this process.

This time I ask a little something extra. I ask that you share this with as many people as you can. Get this out there so that it can start making a difference. The more people who help, the more people we help. Sharing really is caring!

Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle (Re-Launch), via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heathenstargazers/heathen-stargazers-portal-oracle-re-launch?ref=android_project_share

Published by heathenstargazers

Heathen Star gazing is a mindset. How often does something look different than it really is? No need to worry. We'll just take another look. Through Art, Science, and History, we discover ourselves in the Universe and the Universe in ourselves. Let's not let what we've been taught get in the way of our learning. Go on and Shine!

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