Tarotgazing Deck- Now available on Etsy

https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeathenStargazers Tarotgazing Deck is a standard 78 card tarot deck as told by the vision of a gazer.Using ancient symbols and modern forms,Tarotgazing invites the reader into the sureality of their worlds.Built to draw you in, these images are seeking your eyes.Will you let them have their look?To see a full preview of the TarotgazingContinue reading “Tarotgazing Deck- Now available on Etsy”

MMXX Anno Prospectus- A year of art by: Heather Stargazer

What a crazy year this has been. 2020 has changed the world. Great fodder for artists. I have chewed on much. Much light to shine. This is a portfolio of visual art pieces that I have done this year. Less the images of the Portal Oracle deck, which will be available soon. It’s nice toContinue reading “MMXX Anno Prospectus- A year of art by: Heather Stargazer”

Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle Re-Launch

This is our second go at this and man, have we learned a lot!  The support and encouragement of the last campaign was amazing. Since the first launch, many people have been reaching out and asking for this deck! Curiosity has been piqued! So has my determination to provide you and future readers the bestContinue reading “Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle Re-Launch”

Watch “Sink or Brim- The Coriolis Effect Affects Spheres in Fields (Spirals Coming At Us to Tool Lateralus)” on YouTube

Art by Heathen Stargazer

Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle Kickstarter

Heathen Stargazers are at it again! This time with something completely different. The Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle. And now, I need your help.What is this all about? And how can you help? In truth, you’d be helping me, others, and hopefully, yourselves as well. I am humbly asking for your support in turning this workContinue reading “Heathen Stargazers Portal Oracle Kickstarter”

What Species of Different?

What species of different? It’s not really that we want others to think differently. That’s not at all what we want. We want others to think in our particular variety of different so they’ll be different from what they were but the same as ourselves. The whole premise is a collection of voices that speakContinue reading “What Species of Different?”