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July 1st, 2022

So… no real solar activity but a series of quakes in the middle East ranging M5.9-6.2 demonstrate that the Sun need not be included in the arrangement for quakes to occur. The radian arrangement IS significant though. In the inner system the Earth, Mars, and Mercury form a radian. In the larger scope, Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn form a larger radian. On the surface of the Earth, the middle East quakes also demonstrate two radian expressions and on the larger scope the Middle East quakes and a series of quakes in the Philippine region. This is an effect of energy release along an arc of equal length to the radius of the circular wave. They’re usually three points of expression release along the radian arc segment. One at 0°, one at 28-30°, and one at 57.3°.
This arrangement of radian expression releases can be found not only here but on the surface of Mars, in active sunspot arrangements, in the Orion constellation, the pyramids, serpent Mound, and so much more! Because it’s a functioning action of energy release based on a geometric perimeter.
This is not arbitrary. This is basic sinewaves and alternating current. The waves interact with the fields and the bodies cut the flux at these points causing a redistribution of charge and rebalancing of differentials. It’s pretty simple. For more information please check out the Heathen StarGazers YouTube channel. I’ll keep working on this and a bunch of other stuff. I’m slammed with work but I kinda love it.
Thanks everyone who has supported us and followed along this far. We’ve still got a ways to go.
Kirk out

P.S. Do you see the analemma?

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