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Some info and dialog on the pyramids, Vitruvian Man, and the importance of the radian.

Questions on Orion and the Pyramids video 7/10/2022

HS Reply on YouTube:

No worries Margaret. I’m having a hard time keeping up with myself here. Lol The radian’s are almost the equivalent of a sixth of the circumference. There’s a remainder of the circumference that equals 0.283… So when we divide the circle into its maximum number of radian’s, we wind up the a remaining arc and wedge. If we take that remaining wedge and arc and flip the wedge so they are on the outside of the circle, rather than within, we wind up with the 28°secant.
When these radians and secants are translated into sine waves, there becomes and interesting relationship at the crux points of the cosine and the tangents. There is a charge release that begins at pi over 6 . There’s an action and a stasis that are “induced” when these points interact. It’s like it tosses matter into a place and then grabs it and keeps it there. There’s a supposed empty space and a filled space but it’s part of the balancing of the action that causes stasis. As we see in the Lagrange Points. There’s a pattern/formula to it.
So it’s like it’s own type of force/magic. I guess tracing it is a type of mapping. But because the “shape” is the indicator, it is the path that’s followed. And it’s everywhere. All of the other stuff we have found, geometrically and energetically are applicable to this because they are all in relation to 2pir and pir². The math is broken down into the simplest form of the radian and secant remainder and then pivoted in the direction of the “holding points”.
I would venture to say, that these architectural arrangements we find that look like celestial arrangements are all expressions of this principle rather than expressions of each other. They all look the same because they look like this.
It’s just the beginning of the analysis. There’s a ton more to get to but it is such a shift in perspective that it is difficult to find a starting point. Figured the simplest thing to do is start with the simplest form. The radian. And even that has produced so much information that I can’t keep up with it.
I’m just following it around until it’s time for the next thing.
But this definitely needs some attention so I’m giving it that.
Thanks Margaret. You always ask the best questions that make me organize my thoughts. Appreciate it and you.

Vitruvian Man

So all this stuff out there right now with Robert Edward Grant and the Vitruvian Man and the ratios and now they’re analyzing the logarithmic stations of the planets in relation to this drawing. I was curious when I first saw it and became even more curious with this new comparison. Both the radian/secant I’ve been featuring lately and the logarithmic spacing of planets as determined by Dr.Michael Clarage in 2019 are discussed in my book, Light Grange, and I wanted to know if these shapes as measurements applied to the drawing of the Vitruvian Man. Indeed they do. Because this is a basic measurement application for something even greater in proportion to the overall whole. The whole of everything. Occam’s razor- The simplest explanation is usually the best one.
I get caught up in the complexities, just like we humans do. And I want to explore the intricacies of the things. Because all of the complexities are there and they are beautiful. But there’s this powerful thing that is overwhelmingly present at important points and it calls with chiming clarity. So much and so loud that I cannot not listen. So simple.
It is here where magic occurs. It is here where the energy is released.
In art school, we study these shapes, this art, this artist, and we dissect them, examine them, recreate them in detail so that we can see every bit from all their angles, in all their form and color and light. The basic building blocks needed to translate between the eye, the form, and the hands. To create a believable illusion. A drawing. Composition of a likeness.
But there has to be a function hidden in the components. A message, a portrayal, a story. Otherwise, what’s the purpose for the trouble?
All the shapes we have found and few are more significant than this.
I’ll tell you more soon.
For now, here’s this. For you, and for me, and for Da Vinci. (I feel connected to him because we are both super weird in our visions and we have the same birthday so this one’s really been tuggin’ on me.)

From- Secrets of the Pyramid, by Peter Tompkins (1971)

“… sole dispenser of a movement and measure. It is measure that informs the universe: the same measure upon which all modern science is dependent. ” PT

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