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Vitruvius’ Man- How do we measure up?

Wasn’t that DaVinci’s man?

No, no. He just named it that after the person who originally invented it.
I think I met that guy a super long time ago. He was named Vitruvious and he wouldn’t stop talking about harmonious columns. It was his man. Gosh, it feels like it was another lifetime.

Just kidding. I haven’t met him. But I have been talking to his drawings and they’ve had quite a bit to say.

He was a genius but a bit of a war monger. Actually, he was a war engineer. Vitruvious developed a measuring system based on the ratios of the human anatomical proportions and applied them to building not just war machines but architecture as well. He applied them to all kinds of stuff. Like many throughout history, we still use his method of proportional measuring which is in perfect harmony to the rest of creation.

“Ropes are tightened up, using hand-spikes and windlasses until they sound the same. In this way, by keeping the device taught with wedges, the catapults are ‘tuned’ to the proper pitch by musical testing.”

A great article on the Vitruvian Module-

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