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Light The Fews- Looking at The Ancient Irish Alphabet, The Ogham Fews, From an Electric Perspective

A lot can be read from ancient alphabets about how our predecessors lived, what they valued, and how they understood the world in which they lived. There’s one alphabet in particular that may have much more to teach us than we could ever have dreamed. The alphabet of the Ancient Irish- The Ogham Fews. Thanks for coming along with the Heathen Stargazers as we write a new story about some very old letters. Lightning, plasma, lasers, and light! You won’t want to miss a second of the adventure! Set your lanterns down and power up the lamps in your minds because the initial spark of all the most important journeys ignites in the imagination. Stand back while we Light the Fews!

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Thanks for taking the time 😊 Looking forward to your accompaniment for many more adventures and lots of bright ideas! *A special thank you to all the people whose work has made this possible. Your light shines brightly! And, an apology to anyone whose mention I may have forgotten. Many steps make the journey. May our paths ever cross with gratitude. H.S.

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Posted on January 11, 2021 in Electric Weather,Videos by heathenstargazers
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