A Few Words on My New Book, “Light Grange- Secrets of Ancient Irish Sciences “

An Exploration of Ancient Irish Technology.

Click here to watch video. https://youtu.be/SQ0o-jemo-s

Did the ancients have trigonometry? Calculus? Electricity?

Were they able to communicate over vast distances using only the natural world around them?

Could they predict earth changes? Earthquakes? Weather?

What did they know then that we still don’t know now?

Why go to all the trouble of building these huge, megalithic structures? What’s hiding in their alphabets?

In this exciting book, a Stargazer explores these questions and many more. Using modern mathematical and scientific knowledge, we can begin to see the precious treasures left by the ancients in a whole new way.

What have we been missing? Is it really what we think it is?

Let’s explore and find out.https://www.amazon.com/dp/B092PB9B7C


Published by heathenstargazers

Heathen Star gazing is a mindset. How often does something look different than it really is? No need to worry. We'll just take another look. Through Art, Science, and History, we discover ourselves in the Universe and the Universe in ourselves. Let's not let what we've been taught get in the way of our learning. Go on and Shine!

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