Fancy Mancy- A Vision Array Preview

There’s always something going on around here! Take a sneak peak at HeathenStargazers latest addition to the Oeuvre Oracular!!!! ~The Fancy Mancy-A Vision Array~ is coming to our Etsy shop next month! Fancy Mancy is a new, 72 card Oracle designed to bring out the beauty of life. This poetry-as-you-go Oracle is perfect embellishments toContinue reading “Fancy Mancy- A Vision Array Preview”

A Few Words on My New Book, “Light Grange- Secrets of Ancient Irish Sciences “

An Exploration of Ancient Irish Technology. Click here to watch video. Did the ancients have trigonometry? Calculus? Electricity? Were they able to communicate over vast distances using only the natural world around them? Could they predict earth changes? Earthquakes? Weather? What did they know then that we still don’t know now? Why go toContinue reading “A Few Words on My New Book, “Light Grange- Secrets of Ancient Irish Sciences “”

Tarotgazing Deck- Now available on Etsy Tarotgazing Deck is a standard 78 card tarot deck as told by the vision of a gazer.Using ancient symbols and modern forms,Tarotgazing invites the reader into the sureality of their worlds.Built to draw you in, these images are seeking your eyes.Will you let them have their look?To see a full preview of the TarotgazingContinue reading “Tarotgazing Deck- Now available on Etsy”